Oracle Real World Performance Group

这是Oracle内部比较牛的一个team,兼顾到技术细节,而且又不失实际的用户环境,所以比较有挑战,而且这次的职位技术级别比较高-Senior or Principle member,具体描述如下。欢迎高手自荐。

Title: Senior/Principle member-Real World Performance Group

Job description:

Real World Performance Group is part of the Oracle Database product management team. We do customer benchmarks and post-product escalations to help to shorten sales cycle, to make quality insurance of the Oracle database product, and master the competitive intelligence of the Oracle database product. We are a global team including people in US, EMEA and APAC and we need people to cooperating with people in other time zones.


1. Perform database benchmarks
2. File bugs and get rapid resolutions
3. Cooperate with other people in a global team


1. Bachelor or master degree of computer science, or have firm computer science basic knowledge
2. Deep understanding of Oracle database and operating system
3. Skilled in SQL tuning
4. Proficient in writing shell scripts
5. Minimum 3 years of work experiences, better in DBA area, SQL development area or OS area
6. Self-motivated and can work under tight timeline
7. Good team work spirit and can work in a global team
8. Fluent in English and Mandarin

Send your Chinese & English C.V. to


PS:据我知道,这个team的成员分布在美国总部,欧洲和亚太一些国家,在深圳也有一个优秀的小组。一些成员也曾经来国内跟部分大客户进行过技术方面的交流,所以相信大家对他们其实并不陌生。比如这位和鼎鼎大名的Structured Data都是这个team的一员。


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