SunCluster refer Sheet

SunCluster 的快速参考大全,供参考。


In version 3.2 there are number of shortcut command names which I have detailed below, I have left the full command name in the rest of the document so it is obvious what we are performing, all the commands are located in /usr/cluster/bin

cldevice cldev
cldevicegroup cldg
clinterconnect clintr
clnasdevice clnas
clquorum clq
clresource clrs
clresourcegroup clrg
clreslogicalhostname clrslh
clresourcetype clrt
clressharedaddress clrssa

Shutting down and Booting a Cluster

3.1 3.2
shutdown entire cluster ##other nodes in cluster
scswitch -S -h <host>
shutdown -i5 -g0 -y

## Last remaining node
scshutdown -g0 -y

cluster shutdown -g0 -y
shutdown single node scswitch -S -h <host>
shutdown -i5 -g0 -y
clnode evacuate <node>
shutdown -i5 -g0 -y
reboot a node into non-cluster mode ok> boot -x ok> boot -x

Cluster information

3.1 3.2
Cluster scstat -pv cluster list -v
cluster show
cluster status
Nodes scstat –n clnode list -v
clnode show
clnode status
Devices scstat –D cldevice list
cldevice show
cldevice status
Quorum scstat –q clquorum list -v
clquorum show
clqorum status
Transport info scstat –W clinterconnect show
clinterconnect status
Resources scstat –g clresource list -v
clresource show
clresource status
Resource Groups scsat -g
scrgadm -pv
clresourcegroup list -v
clresourcegroup show
clresourcegroup status
Resource Types clresourcetype list -v
clresourcetype list-props -v
clresourcetype show
IP Networking Multipathing scstat –i clnode status -m
Installation info (prints packages and version) scinstall –pv clnode show-rev -v


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