(Senior) member of technical staff需windows平台测试经验(C#,SQL,VB)


Job Title: (Senior) member of technical staff(Server Technology)_C#,SQL,VB
Work location: Shenzhen

Job Description:

Who are we?
ST Testing is the first team in OARDC Shenzhen. Right now, we have about
20 people, all of them are graduated from the top universities in China.
We always believe that an excellent team is the basis of success. ST
Testing is also a young team.They are all smart, energic and easy-going.
Cooperation and teamwork are most cherished in our group.

What are we doing?
Oracle Database Server is Oracle’s key product. And our team is
responsible for improving the functionality and stability of
Oracle Database in Windows platform by integrating and testing various
database components.
Our primary goal is to program and configure these components to ensure
the correct functionality and optimal performance from
the individual APIs to the integrated solutions. By covering such a
broad spectrum, our group is in a unique strategic position
to gain first user experience of the entire stack of the latest Oracle

What can you get from this job?
From this job, you can get an opportunity to get a closer look at
Oracle’s core technologies. During the process of testing,
you can get valuable first hand experience about Oracle DB. And this
position also makes it possible for you to learn Oracle technologies from both the large and the small. Yes, we are testing, but we are also creating and developing.


What do we expect from you?
1. BS or MS in computer Science, related working experience is a plus
2. Good knowledge of RDBMS and SQL, experience with Oracle database and
3. PL/SQL is a plus
4. Strong programming skill in C# ,VB,C++
5. Working experience with Windows platform
6. Good English communication skill, especially in listening and spoken
1. Excellent analytical skill and able to learn new technologies quickly
2. Self motivated and good team player

Contact: helena.cai@oracle.com

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