Stefan Grothkopp开发出一个超级酷的模拟命令行模式的Google,它模拟Linux的操作界面,目前可以在浏览器上执行,打开它以后输入关键词就可以进行搜索.

键入help还可以看到更多功能,除此之外它还支持Wikipedia的文字输出,当然,它不支持图片.试试看就知道,效果的确很棒.> help


command aliases parameters function
web (search,s,w) [keywords] google web search
lucky (l) [keywords] go directly to first result
images (image,i) [keywords] google image search
wiki (wikipedia) [keywords] wikipedia search
clear (c) clear the screen
help (man,h,?) [command] displays help text
news (n) [keywords] google news search
blogs (blog,b) [keywords] google blog search
feeds (feed,f) [keywords] google feed search
open (o) open url in new window
go (g)
open url
more (m) get more results
in (site)
search in a specific website
load load an extension
video (videos,v) [keywords] google video search
read (rss,r) read feed of url
place (places,map,p) [address] google maps search
lang change language
addengine add goosh to firefox search box
translate (trans,t) [lang1] [lang2] google translation> oracle
1) SAP Still Wants To Settle Dispute With Oracle Out Of Court
MANNHEIM, Germany -(Dow Jones)- German software giant SAP AG (SAP) said Tuesday it is striving to settle a legal dispute with US-based peer Oracle Corp. …

2) The Oracle Of Manitoba
“Discipline” and “patience” are probably the two most valuable words in value investing. It stands to reason, then, that few places would serve as better …

3) CCM Research Issues Research Note on Oracle Energy Corp.
Oracle has an 18.75% interest in 640 acres of Zapata County, Texas. The Company also has a 20% interest in 6 previously producing oil and gas concessions in …

4) Oracle(R) Advanced Planning Receives Positive Rating in Leading …
Comprehensive Supply Chain Planning Capabilities — Oracle’s supply chain planning capabilities are part of Oracle’s “Information-Driven Value Chain” …,417333.shtml> more
5) Brivo Improves Service Levels and Reduces Cost of Ownership With …
The company selected Oracle over competing products from Microsoft and open source providers based on security, reliability, scalability, performance and …

6) An Oracle nose job
In researching for an upcoming Oracle event, I stumbled across this video. It demonstrates how it is possible to install an instance of Oracle RDBMS in …

7) Deloitte Agrees to Acquire Solbourne, an Innovative Consulting …
“We look forward to welcoming members of Solbourne to Deloitte,” said Karen Mazer , Deloitte’s Oracle service line leader. “The acquisition of Solbourne by …

8) BMW Oracle Racing to stop and focus on AC33
BMW ORACLE Racing said today that it will compete only at the Marseille stop of this year’s Audi MedCup Circuit as the team’s number one priority is to now …>

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