正如之前预料的那样,Oracle昨天宣布正式推出Oracle Application Testing Suite ,一个完整的企业应用测试套件,这也预示着Oracle正式进入企业测试解决方案提供商之列。

Oracle的这个应用测试套件是Oracle Enterprise Manager解决方案的一部分(完整的EM还包括应用管理,数据库管理,主机管理,SOA管理,中间件管理,实时用户体验感知,应用性能管理,应用质量管理,RAT选件等等,完整的列表可以到EM主页)。包含三个工具

Load Testing for Web Applications
Functional Testing for Web Applications
Test Manager for Web Applications

熟悉自动化测试工具的朋友很容易就想到对应的LoadRunner, QTP and QualityCenter。没错,这就是自动化解决方案中的功能、性能测试工具和测试管理工具。


* Maximize application performance for peak loads—Delivers rigorous validation that protocol-based legacy testing tools cannot provide
* Reduce testing effort—Ensures functional reliability while reducing your testing effort by 50% or more
* Simplify test process management—Provides integrated test management for functional and load testing
* Test using real workloads—Uses real-workload testing to enable fast, risk-free deployment of database applications
* Stay compliant—Helps meet privacy and security regulation requirements while performing production-scale application testing


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