Oracle CRS/RAC Utility-OSTool

Oracle Provide a standalone tool named IPD-OSTool –
Oracle Instantaneous Problem Detection – OS Tool (IPD/OS)

This tool is designed to detect and analyze operating system (OS) and cluster resource related degradation and failures in order to bring more explanatory power to many issues that occur in clusters where Oracle Clusterware and Oracle RAC are running such as node eviction. It tracks the OS resource consumption at each node, process, and device level continuously. It collects and analyzes the cluster-wide data. In real time mode, when thresholds are hit, an alert is shown to the operator. For root cause analysis, historical data can be replayed to understand what was happening at the time of failure.



2009-4-10 最新更新,IPD/OS提供Windows版本下载 ,包括Windows 32位和64位


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  1. Chris Wang says:

    Thank you for sharing the tool and big help for me.
    Haha,spotlight’s spotlight is that he own so cool UI that boss like it.
    The spotlight related products testing will be transfer to china .

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