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Deinstallation tool又叫clusterdeconfig tool是一款用于完整卸载Clusterware和RAC的工具,无论之前是一次成功或者失败的安装,利用它都可以完全的清除掉,deinstallation too不仅仅可以卸载cluster中所有节点的CRS和RAC软件,而且可以卸载共享的文件,数据文件和OCR。在Windows平台中,deinstallation tool甚至可以删除注册表中的相关信息,实在是每个DBA居家旅行之必备。

关于deinstallation tool的官方文档地址在此

The clusterdeconfig tool removes and deconfigures all of the software and shared files that are associated with an Oracle Clusterware or Oracle RAC Database installation. The clusterdeconfig tool removes the software and shared files from all of the nodes in a cluster.

Use the clusterdeconfig tool to prepare a cluster to reinstall Oracle Clusterware and Oracle Database software after a successful or failed installation. The tool removes software, clusterware and database files, and the global configuration across all of the nodes in a cluster environment that could hinder a subsequent installation. On Windows-based systems, the tool removes Windows Registry entries. The clusterdeconfig tool also removes Oracle Clusterware that was installed to support Oracle RAC or to provide failover capabilities for third-party software.

The clusterdeconfig tool restores your cluster to its state prior to the installation, enabling you to perform a new installation. You can also use Oracle Cluster Verification Utility (CVU) to determine the cause of any problems that may have occurred during an installation so that you can correct the errors.

The clusterdeconfig tool will not remove third-party software that depends on Oracle Clusterware. In addition, the clusterdeconfig tool does not warn you about third-party software dependencies on Oracle Clusterware or Oracle Database homes prior to removing the respective homes.

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