Automate your Web Application with Oracle ATS

Oracle Application Test Suite (Oracle ATS)是基于Oracle收购的e-Test Suite技术而构建的企业自动化测试解决方案,也是Oracle Enterprise Manager的一部分,

随着更多的工具被集成到Oracle EM中来,这个Oralce的策略性产品也在变的越来越强大,最新的EM版本已经是10.2.0.5了,免费下载地址如下:下载地址

今天重点介绍一下Oracle EM中的ATS,以后Ricky会陆续关注EM中的其他组件。

Web application quality and performance issues can have major impact on your bottom line – impacting revenue, customer loyalty and satisfaction and your company’s reputation. However, even today, industry studies suggest that 75% of applications are still deployed without adequate testing. The majority of functional testing that is performed is still done manually and load testing prior to deployment to assess and tune application performance is not a common practice.

Join us for this live 1-hour presentation where we will introduce Oracle Application Testing Suite, a new offering from Oracle Enterprise Manager, and show how it can help you automate your functional and regression testing, automate your load and performance testing and manage your overall test process.

During this presentation you will see a live demo of the following Application Testing Suite solutions:

* Oracle Functional Testing for Web Applications
* Oracle Load Testing for Web Applications
* Oracle Test Manager for Web Applications


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